Murat Acikel

Cinematographer - NDL (NATIONAL DATE LEAGUE)

Murat Acikel is a freelance cinematographer. His first documentary, ONE DAY IN BESIKTAS was selected for a Project 01 Festival in his school, Istanbul Bilgi University. Later, he got involved with many documentaries and television programs while back in Istanbul. He decided to study abroad and got selected to Sweden, Jonkoping University for a year. He earned a Media and Communication certificate with the Erasmus Program. Better opportunities motivated him to expand his study abroad program. Thus, he applied for the Laureate Exchange Program and went to Santa Fe University of Art and Design to study Filmmaking for six months in his senior year. Working in short films helped him to get more experience in cinematography.

Murat went back to Istanbul and earned a TV Reporting and Programming diploma. He worked in CNN Turkey as an editor, but he realized that it was not his passion. Later, he got selected for the MFA Film Production Program at Loyola Marymount University. Working in professional film sets in Los Angeles helped him to gain more experience in all aspects of filmmaking. He got into American and international film festivals and expanded his network. He is currently studying and working as a Cinematography Teaching Assistant at Loyola Marymount University.

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