On your honor!

How do you earn the prestigious "LEAD BUTT" award at an online festival?

It's easy—just watch all the films during the dates of the festival.

For the online festival, we created this handy-dandy checklist (click button below) to help you keep track of the films you have watched. 




What happens now? Just follow these simple  steps...

1. Download the checklist.

2. Watch all the films by September 26.

3. Email us a picture of you with your completed checklist and let us know you finished.

4. We will post on Facebook and on the wall below that you have earned this honor. 


2020 Honorees

#1 Jamie Brown

#1 Jamie Brown

#2 Curt Gienger

#2 Curt Gienger

#3 John Sullivan

#3 John Sullivan

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