Irritable Ball Syndrome

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Film Information

Year: 2020

Genre: Short Animation

Location: Lincoln, NE

Runtime: 6


Cast & Crew

KEY CAST Hayden Howe


A scientist tries to infuse life into a ball and learns how to roll with what life zaps at him.


Going into my junior year of college, I had the opportunity to take an Advanced Projects class to help prepare for a senior project. I was very ambitious going into this, and I wanted to explore as many 3D aspects as I could while also telling a story that people can enjoy. This was also completely new to me since I had never created a 3D animated short before, but I was fortunate to have great support from my professors and peers to help me along the way. A lot of my inspiration drew from Looney Tunes cartoons and Pixar’s short, “Presto.” Both do a great job visually setting up situations, and I wanted to incorporate similar aspects into my animation. The scientist is super eager for his machine to work and will do whatever he can to succeed. However, a lot of unfortunate events occur which leads to him swapping places with a ball. Eventually he switches back into his human body and finds out that his machine successfully worked. But in the end he finds himself having a larger problem than before. I believe in some ways this story can be true to life. There is always something life is going to throw at us, and it can be frustrating or hard to deal with. At times, we might have things figured out but are introduced to even more problems later. However, it’s a matter of what we do in our current situations. We can either give up, or flop on.