For Your Consideration



Film Information

Year: 2020

Genre: Short Narrative

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Runtime: 13


Adult language or content


Cast & Crew

WRITER Aldo Arias
PRODUCER Lysette Urus
KEY CAST Samantha Robinson, Juliette Goglia, Ava Capri, Tess Trotter, Jasmin Carina, Skyler Maxon, Jacqui Martinez, Amanda Steele, Page Ruth


Determined to party at Sundance, three entitled young women meet up at an LA member's only club to make a selection-worthy short film. In an unholy fusion of wokeness and cluelessness, they build a narrative from atop the high perch of their privilege. And piece-by-piece, they almost, almost, almost give a voice to the voiceless — just without ever having any idea what they're talking about. But they are perfectly positioned to make it happen.


There is so much that unheard voices have to contribute to popular culture and, hopefully, Hollywood’s recent empowerment efforts are the start of real change. But why does it feel like we are only being “allowed” a voice? Why does representation feel like “representation?”

Starring Samantha Robinson (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Love Witch), my film satirically distills the filmmaking process into a single conversation. Over lattes and cappuccinos, the privileged few riff on society’s inequities to decide who gets to be seen and heard. And as our characters pat themselves on the back, the audience is left to question their own entitlement.

With my For Your Consideration, I want to challenge the existing power structures of popular culture. As a female filmmaker working with Mexican-American screenwriter Aldo Arias, I believe it’s absolutely essential to hold a magnifying glass to Hollywood’s representation efforts. It’s the only way to ensure that our stories aren’t co-opted solely for the profit of the gatekeepers. By inviting introspection—in addition to action—we can keep empowerment from becoming tokenism.