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Baseball with Dad

Short Narrative

Completed on:



Knoxville, Tennessee, USA



Session 2 - Thursday 8:30-10:45pm





Cody McHan


Cody McHan


Cody McHan, Joseph Fiorvanti, Bing Fu

Key Cast

Bing Fu, Cameron Fu

Other Credits


A misguided father forces his unwilling son to spend a day with him learning to play the family pastime of baseball. A tradition that goes back further than he could ever imagine. With the help of an old family bat, both sides learn more about each other and what a relationship means between a father and son.

Statement from Filmmaker

Making this movie was the realization of a childhood hobby in a way I could have never expected. After weeks of searching for a location, in a last-ditch effort I found a contact at the same local baseball field I grew up playing on. One I hadn’t stepped foot on since I was 12 years old. As we made the movie, the memory of those locations came out in the scenes. The quiet, bitter mornings, the hot, tired days, and the solemn peace of dusk on the empty fields as everyone goes home. I’d known Bing for years and had seen him and his son Cameron around. Immediately I knew they had a deep emotional bond that I wanted to capture on screen. Even then, I never would have been able to guess how well that would come across. The movie succeeds because of their genuine love and connection for each other, and you can feel it in each glance, word, and laugh between the two. Baseball with Dad, at its core, is a story about connection. The tension between what we want from the ones we love and what we want for ourselves. Of finding the balance between what we want to happen and what we end up getting instead. The difference between what we try to teach and what we really learn. It’s Baseball with Dad. - Cody McHan CAST Bing Fu - Dad/Grandpa Cameron Fu - Jason Knoxville Holstons Vintage Base Ball Club Toby Darling - Older Player Jaden Fu - Teenage Player CREW Cody McHan - Writer, Director, Co-Editor, Producer, Cam Op C Joseph Fioravanti - Producer, Co-Editor, Location Sound, Cam Op B Jeremy Lowery - Director of Photography, Visual FX, Cam Op A Tyler Broadway - Best Boy Katie Russell - Costume/Makeup, PA Gary Ellis - PA Brett Allen - Audio Mixing and Mastering

Student Film


First Time Filmmaker


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