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The Book of Ruth

Short Narrative


New York, NY, United States

Runtime (in minutes):


Language: English



Becca Roth


Chen Drachman


Chen Drachman, Caitlin Gold

Key Cast

Tovah Feldshuh, Chen Drachman, Monica Wyche, Scott Klavan, Aleksander Varadian, Housso Semon

Other Credits


Margo, Dan, Jordan, and Lizzy visit grandmother Ruth for Passover. Later that night, Lizzy finds Ruth watching a midnight news story about Anne Frank’s death. Lizzy then confesses to have known a related secret for years and Ruth is left with some explaining to do.

Statement from Filmmaker

I am drawn to the instantly recognizable family dynamic that is presented in the Ruth’s screenplay, and I envision it similar to that of The Family Stone. A casual, familiar family, coming together for a holiday. And then, by the second half, the expectations of the type of film and type of family we’re watching are completely subverted. We learn that there is much more to this family - that initially seemed so much like our family - than meets the eye, and we discover that the people who we think we know so well can be holding onto decades-long secrets, hidden in plain sight. I love that there are clues sprinkled throughout the story. I am very drawn to this sort of subtle storytelling. Clues that tell us very important things about a character that we don’t realize are clues until later on. As a Jew, I am particularly drawn to this story and have an instant connection to this very relatable family. I adore the added fantasy element. And I love getting into the psyche of the reasoning behind certain decisions.

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