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BEST ACTRESS - Jenna Ciralli


Short Narrative


Livingston, MT, United States

Runtime (in minutes):


Language: English



Skye Grace Bennett


Skye Grace Bennett, Jenna Ciralli


Jenna Ciralli

Key Cast

Jenna Ciralli, Nick Wilder

Other Credits

Cinematographer : Logan Triplett


While returning home to small town Montana, a successful painter attempts to reunite with her estranged father. When renowned painter Tessa Smith returns home to her Montana muse, she must also face her past. Now an established artist due to her depictions of the American West, she is forced to reconcile her outward success with the very land and relationships that made her.

Statement from Filmmaker

"Homestead" was born from a long-standing wish to connect to both of our fathers. As women, how do we reconcile personal career goals with familial expectations? At what cost do we self-actualize? Within this personal backdrop, we wished to explore the generational and gender gap in a complicated Father-Daughter relationship during the Trump Era. In this modern, rural Cordelia-King Lear archetypal space, both are flawed and separated by shared character traits while secretly haunted and aching to be back in one another's lives. As such, the event of the film is an apology and the exploring of a heightened place where healing can take place. The depth of a parent-child bond defies time and space, it is not linear, and we trusted our stubborn characters to come to forgiveness on their own terms. Ultimately, it is a testament to a love that can never be extinguished. With gratitude for the opportunity to share this lived-in experience with your team. This is Skye Grace Bennett's first film as a Director. Director/Writer, Skye Grace Bennett + Writer/Actor, Jenna Ciralli

First-time Filmmaker

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