Duende still.jpg
Film Information

Year: 2020

Genre: Short Narrative

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Runtime: 10


Cast & Crew

PRODUCER Jonathan Bates
KEY CAST Eduardo Rojas, Arwen Rojas, Matias Rojas, Tirzah Rojas, Dewey Noordmans
MUSIC/SCORE Wesley Farmer


A father takes his children camping and shares a story about the duende he encountered as a child. When the kids go off to find firewood they discover that their father's story may have been more fact than fiction.


The last short film I made was in 2012, and I was itching to make something new. When I set out to make this I wanted to make something completely different, something that would push me out of my comfort zone.

As we were coming up with story ideas, I watched and listened to how my friend Eduardo and his kids (all from Bolivia) interacted with each other in their native tongue. This was how I needed them to interact on screen as well! The way we had to shoot this became obvious: they'd speak in Spanish. Since the majority of Eduardo's family was acting in the project, I knew that having the film's language in Spanish would not only surprise those who knew my work, but also would help keep the storytelling genuine.

Unfortunately, I do not speak Spanish. Eduardo did me the honor of translating my script. Because of this we were able to fully utilize Eduardo's story-telling abilities on screen and create believable family interaction for the audience to connect with.