Doug Gerash

Director/Producer - PALE LUNA

After graduating with a BA in Film from San Francisco State University, I found work in the film industry in Los Angeles, as well as New Mexico, working in many capacities: PA, grip, video assist, camera operator. I ended up back in Denver, where I was employed as producer for KCNC working as a producer and videographer. Then I went to Denver Community TV and subsequently to TCI (now Comcast). Soon I was employed as a broadcast news photographer/editor for numerous stations around the West and in Texas. Since living in Sioux Falls the last six years, I have produced three short films, including the current one, PALE LUNA. My career started with 8mm/Super 8mm, and I was lucky to have trained on a Super 8mm flatbed editor! I have worked with film/tape and, of course, digital media for many years. I live with my wife Kathy and three cats.

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